No more old appliances, c.2025

Composition of relic:

The awful culture of “throw away” objects imposed us by producers and by politics with economical interests in this kind of business led people to get used to buy and to quickly throw away the appliances. This consumeristic harming habit created the false idea that richness is measurable by the quantity of objects we can throw away and buy again. The result were cemeteries of old appliances.

Factors that led us to abandon this object:

We shifted toward a circular economy and we decided to use wisely our money and the resources of the planet. We started to take care of the environment and of ourself, feeling the strong connection between these two factors.

Obstacles in the way of this relic being abandoned:

Producers and the logic of business, anyone who was gaining profits from people unawareness and from the “throw away” economy. But also people’s laziness in changing their old habits.

Strategies we used to overcome those obstacles:

We created a big market for regenerated appliances, rising people’s awareness and care for the environment. We made them very attractive both aesthetically and economically. We involved many designers to work on this project and creativity did the rest! We also invested money in research for better materials, in order to make them more recyclable. All the producers had to guarantee a very long lasting life for all the appliances produced.