Rainforest Deforestation, c.2025

Composition of relic:

This terrible assault on nature involved chopping down the world’s rainforests for profit at the expense of biodiversity and livelihoods. This assault threatened to destroy all of the world’s rainforests and forests.

Factors that led us to abandon this object:

The horrific destruction that unfolded before our eyes over the course of the 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries compelled our species to draw a line in the sands and end rainforest deforestation

Obstacles in the way of this relic being abandoned:

The animal agriculture, mining, petroleum coal and illegal logging industries were the main drivers of this travesty.

Strategies we used to overcome those obstacles:

Educating people to switch to a vegan diet changed the course of history and greatly reduced deforestation whilst resource extraction and illegal logging ceased under pressure from public demand.