Climate Relics

For a limited time, experience the relics of a bygone era when we pushed ourselves to the brink of irreversible climate change. Our society once relied on these relics, dating back to 2015. Today they’re barely a memory. This unique exhibit is crowdsourced and curated by you. Visitors are welcome to upload their relics.


The Future, Now.

Before this exhibit closes for good, meet the trailblazers of the early 2000s who believed in progress before their time. This exhibit features items that arrived before their time, and foretold a climate stable future.

Oil Derrick, c.2030

Composition of relic: Metal, oil. Factors that led us to abandon this object: Depletion of "standard" oil sources, outrage at dangers of extreme oil drilling, rise of cheap renewable energy. Obstacles in the way of... more

Coal fired power plant, c.2025

Composition of relic: Metal, coal. Factors that led us to abandon this object: Air and water pollution, carbon emissions, rise of cheap renewable energy led us to abandon this object. Obstacles in the way of... more

Fossil Fuel Subsidies, c.2025

Composition of relic: Tax breaks, cheap loans, price controls, purchase requirements. Factors that led us to abandon this object: Restrictions on money in politics loosen hold of fossil fuel lobby; rise of cheap renewable energy... more

Plastic bottle, c.2020

Composition of relic: Plastic. Factors that led us to abandon this object: Growing taboo against easily avoidable waste and disposable goods. Obstacles in the way of this relic being abandoned: Convenience for consumer; cost-effectiveness for... more

Big Banks, c.2017

Composition of relic: Credits, debits, derivatives, computers, buildings, lobbyists. Factors that led us to abandon this object: Public outrage after next banker-generated financial crisis compels breakup of big banks. Obstacles in the way of this... more

Rainforest Deforestation, c.2025

Composition of relicThis terrible assault on nature involved chopping down the world's rainforests for profit at the expense of biodiversity and livelihoods. This assault threatened to destroy all of the world's rainforests and forests.Factors that... more

Petroleum Based Fertilizers, c.2030, c.2030

Composition of relicWith the decline of fossil fuel extraction so came the fall of the byproducts that were unnecessary and equally harmful. Petroleum based fertilizers were once used on a majority of monoculture, factory farms.... more


Composition of relicFactory Farms that polluted more than trasport industry ( flight included), involved deforestation to make way for grazes and an exaggerated consumption of water ( 15.000 lt for 1 kg meat) Factors that... more

The planned Keystone XL pipeline, c.2015, c.2015

Composition of relicPlanned pipeline carrying 800,000 barrels a day of toxic tar sands bitumen from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast. Factors that led us to abandon this object: Pressure from the #NoKXL movement, in... more

No more old appliances, c.2025

Composition of relicThe awful culture of "throw away" objects imposed us by producers and by politics with economical interests in this kind of business led people to get used to buy and to quickly throw... more

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